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07 May 2013

The 90 minute Traditional Thai Massage training session begins in the spa reception area, where a welcome drink of cold ginger tea is served with a refreshing cool towel.  Spa students are then introduced to their trainer and escorted to the treatment training room, which features a Thai massage bed, as well as comfy Thai massage clothing and slippers to change into.

The educational wellness journey begins with a 10 minute introduction to Thai Massage, including the history, different types, benefits and main principles.  Spa students learn that Thai massage has been passed down through the generations for hundreds of years, and was once practiced among soldiers to release muscle tension.  Working on the principle of energy lines running throughout the body and known by many as ‘passive yoga’, the unique technique offers the ultimate body workout and a wealth of stretching, flexibility and vitality benefits. 

A gentle warm up routine stretches the chest, back, neck, arms and wrists to prevent injury.  For the 60 minute practical session, the Anantara Spa trainer demonstrates the various techniques on each part of the body step by step on a model, before spa students practice themselves under the watchful guidance of the trainer.  Spa students master how to use their thumbs, fingers, palms, forearms, elbows, knees and feet to perform a combination of acupressure, stretching, pressing, rolling and circular massage techniques, which are designed to release muscle tension and strengthen muscle, improve circulation, flexibility and energy flow, create deep relaxation and enhance overall wellbeing. 

Following the practical session, refreshments of warm ginger tea and snacks are served with a warm towel.  Spa students provide feedback and discuss their experience, before being invited to shower and change.  Guests leave with new wellness skills to impress family and friends, and also a complimentary gift of Thai massage clothing. 

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