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The Anantara Experience was born in 2001, with the launch of the first Anantara Resort and Spa in Thailand's historic seaside resort enclave of Hua Hin. We sought to bring our guests closer to the heart of the rich culture and history of Thailand by surrounding them in the atmosphere of a traditional Thai village. We highlighted the experience with interactive immersions in the culture of the destination, through Thai massage and other holistic spa therapies, cooking courses, fruit carving demonstrations, a weekly floating market and even instruction in the traditional martial art of Muay Thai.

Since then, we have brought the Anantara Spa Experience to Thailand's far northern Golden Triangle region, and to the island of Samui. In 2006, Anantara Spa went global, with the launch of Anantara Spa Maldives, introducing a range of Ayurvedic healing therapies and consultations with a certified practitioner, making the most of our South Asian destination's rich heritage.

Inspired by this success and the positive feedback we have received worldwide, Anantara is proud to be bringing our unique brand of intuitive healing touch, gracious service and holistic discovery to more breathtaking destinations across Asia and the Middle East, with a broad-ranging portfolio of Anantara Spas in China, Africa, the Middle East and, in 2008, Europe.

Anantara is proud to draw from the wisdom and resources of Asia's premier spa management company, MSpa International. With years of experience in the fast-paced and dynamic Asian spa markets, the dedicated management and highly skilled professionals of MSpa International offer effective business solutions, inspired concepts and visionary management practices to ensure the success of each of our individual spa partners. The result is an impressive and diverse network of world-class spas, enthusiastic clientele and a leading edge in this competitive industry.

Inspiring passion, personal freedom and an appreciation for the rich cultures of our world – the art of the Anantara Experience.

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